Hi, I am Lea.

I am a free-bird, mountain climbing, dog loving, coffee brewing, road trip enthusiast, hands in the air (like you just don't care), recently upgraded to mum, wedding photographer. All the way from sunny South Africa.

After being in corporate photography for a few years, I had to find a way to create something that made my soul happy, and my journey in wedding photography started (and omw, is my soul HAPPY!).

I love exploring new places, and find myself living in Berkshire, UK, with my three besties Dwayne (hubby), Nina (daughter) and Fritz, our fur baby.

My favourite time of a wedding is when the cake comes out and the dance floor is opened. I am an absolute sucker for sunsets and magical love, thus, adjusting to the new environment of weddings came very naturally. I can honestly not imagine myself doing anything else. You know you're in the right industry when you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time you leave your job.

My photography style:

I love shooting on the go, but I'm also aware that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. I will gently prompt you to get natural photos, I still want you to be yourself, and capture the true essence of who you are, whilst keeping elegance and finesse at the forefront.

I'd love to be part of making your day last forever. So let's grab a brew, become besties and plan your freaking wedding!!!


Lea x



“We are so happy that we have chosen Lea as our wedding photographer.

The pictures are so gorgeous, and the engagement photos were just perfect for our wedding invitation cards.

All over 10 of 10 stars for her work and her nice and positive vibes which reassured us and let us enjoy every moment of our big day!

Thank you for everything Lea!”